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Boujee Beauty Infrared

Boujee Beauty Infrared

Healthy Heat

Illuminating Beauty, Inside & Out

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NASA Technology

Red light therapy (RLT), is an innovative technology for addressing a range of skin and hair concerns, including wrinkles, redness, acne, scars, and hair loss. By utilizing low-level red wavelengths of light, RLT brings therapeutic benefits not only to the skin but also to various areas of the body.

Interestingly, RLT has an unexpected origin story rooted in NASA. Initially employed to nurture plants in space, its unforeseen application in aiding the healing of burn victims' wounds prompted a closer look into its capabilities. This exploration led to the revelation of the impressive healing properties found within these low-level red lights. What's more, RLT isn't limited to the skin – it extends its benefits to hair care. Its gentle heat treatment retains natural hair moisture, a boon for individuals dealing with dry, damaged, or brittle hair.  

Far infrared light (FIR) used in our sauna blanket penetrates even deeper into the skin. Far infrared light therapy presents a range of advantages. While using the blanket it boosts blood circulation, aids in collagen production while assists with toxin removal through sweat and BONUS – burns calories! Furthermore, FIR can relieve pain and induce relaxation and boost mood.

Our Founder

Boujee Beauty was created with purpose and is driven by female-founder Shelley Goodstein. A serial entrepreneur and model, Shelley is renowned for establishing Hidden Crown Hair Extensions, an accomplishment that earned her a distinguished place on Forbes “50 over 50” list in 2022. Her dedication continues to be fueled by her passion for both beauty and science. 

Customer Testimonials

Losing Weight, Feeling Great

“I am loving my Boujee Body Infrared Sauna Blanket. It’s so easy to use on the sofa while I watch Netflix. I feel amazing, sleeping better and it’s the easiest way to burn calories and detox. I take a cold shower afterwards to keep the benefits going. I also like to use the LED face mask at the same time - It feels like I have just gone to the spa for a whole body treatment!”

Jasmine Okougbo

My Skin Looks Amazing!

"This LED mask is everything! The fact that it has the infrared, not just red, along with blue light therapy is game changing for my combination skin. I have noticed my skin is more vibrant and breakouts are no longer happening. It is so lightweight and comfortable to use that I just put it on when I am making dinner and go about my routine. I was reading alot about the benefits of infrared light for your skin but I had no idea what a change I’d notice. Thank you for making such an amazing product."

Shelley Larson

Frizz-free Shiny hair

"I am a celebrity stylist in LA and have used alot of hot tools in my career, but nothing compares to Boujee Beauty’s line. Not only are these beautiful sitting on my counter, I also use them on my clients because they utilize new technology, infrared light, that is less damaging on the hair since it heats the strands from the inside out along with sealing the cuticle to lock in moisture and add shine. They’re perfect for all hair types and are easy to use too."

Bradley Leake


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